Silverton Fire District is offering Dose 1 of the Moderna vaccine on May 13th from 2pm-7pm. Please click on the SignUpGenius icon to search appointment availability. 

2020 Calls

Jan - 109     Jul - 

Feb - 277    Aug - 

Mar - 117   Sep - 

Apr -          Oct - 

May -         Nov - 

Jun -           Dec - 

2021 Total - 503
2020 Total  - 1020
2019 Total - 1125
2018 Total  - 1120

ISO Rating

Silverton Fire District's ISO Rating:

3 / 10

Effective 1/1/2017

Click here for more information about the rating

Silverton Fire District Explorer Post is seeking donations to replace worn and missing life jackets. 


The Silverton Fire District Explorer Program is responsible for maintaining three life jacket loaner stations within the Fire District.  The loaner stations are located at; Coolidge McClaine Park, Silverton Reservoir and Scotts Mills County Park.  Each summer the Explorers place life jackets at each of the stations.  All of the life jackets have been supplied through donations.  We again are asking for donations to help provide these life-saving items to our community.


If you are interested in making a donation of either new life jackets or money to purchase life jackets please contact Explorer Advisor Lt Rick Heuchert at 503-873-5328 or rickheuchert@silvertonfire.com.

Backyard Burning Info
 Please make sure to call the burn information number before lighting your pile.  All fires must be attended while burning and must have water and a shovel readily available near the fire at all times. Burn Info Line 1-877-982-0011.  A guide to burning regulations in the Willamette Valley can be found here.