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Message from Chief Miles

I am pleased to present the Silverton Fire District Five (5) year Strategic Plan.  The Fire District is poised  for  significant  changes  in  the  upcoming  years;  hence  this  plan  to  help  guide  the organization through these changes now and into the future.   We will continue to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and always provide the best possible service within existing fiscal and personal constraints.

In order to provide quality emergency services to our residents, and visitors, the Silverton Fire District must proactively respond to changes, solve problems, collaborate on issues, assess community needs, and develop realistic solutions. To accomplish this goal our organization developed the following Strategic Planning document. This report is designed to provide the organization, citizens of the community, and Board of Directors with a living, breathing five (5) year planning document capable of being evaluated, reviewed, and refined on an annual basis dependent on our ability to meet the objectives listed in the plan.

The goal of our day-to-day operations has been fairly clear as is in most organizations; and we could clearly continue to operate with minimal long-range extensive planning.  However, in order to better ensure the Fire District’s progress in the long term, in a way that meets the expectations of our Fire Board and Citizens, we need to develop and establish goals.  Therein lies the purpose of this plan.

This Strategic Plan outlines both the challenges and opportunities of our organization, as well as the weaknesses and strengths that we anticipate facing in the next several years.  This plan serves as a template of how we intend to focus our energy on growth and improvement.  This Plan considers many views by collecting input from career staff, volunteers and Fire Board members.  I am humbled by the commitment to success displayed by the members contributing to the development and implementation of this plan.  Together we recognize the importance and the commitment we make to our community and ultimately the core values of our organization.

Over the next five years, the Fire District members will strive to accomplish the goals outlined in this plan, and celebrate our successes and growth as a result.  In the end, the District will be stronger, more professional, dynamic and more effective in providing services to our community.

This Strategic Plan was completed with input from members of a cross section of our organization. This Plan is not an independent person’s plan, but rather a vision and goal for our entire organization.  It is important to recognize that this Strategic Plan is a road map for organizational success that we both long for and desire for our community.

I wish to extend my appreciation and thanks to the Fire Board members, volunteers and staff who have collectively contributed their time and input into developing this plan.

Bill Miles

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