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ISO Rating

Silverton Fire District's ISO Rating: 3 / 10
Effective 01/01/2017


Effective January 1, 2017, The Silverton Fire District has been issued an ISO Public Protection Class (PPC) 3 for properties within 5 road miles of a recognized fire station.  Properties over 5 road miles from a recognized fire station would receive a class 10.  This is an improvement from the previous PPC 4/10.

The Cities of Silverton and Scotts Mills have fire hydrant systems.   

Please refer to a mapping program, such as Mapquest, to determine the mileage between a residence and the nearest fire station. To determine if a property is within Silverton Fire District's response area, click here.


Fire Station Locations:

  • Station 1, 819 Rail Way NE, Silverton 97381
  • Station 2, 13404 Riches Rd SE, Silverton 97381
  • Station 3, 17447 Abiqua Rd NE, Silverton 97381
  • Station 8, 490 3rd St., Scotts Mills 97375
  • Station 9, 4724 Crooked Finger Rd NE, Scotts Mills 97375

​Silverton RFPD Apparatus:

The District's response fleet includes 2 rescues, 7 engines, 4 tenders, and 3 wildland engines, in addition to portable tanks.

Engines carry 1000 gallons of water and are capable of pumping 1250 to 1500 gallons per minute

Tenders carry 2000-3000 gallons of water and are capable of pumping up to 750 gallons per minute and carry 2,500 gallon portable tanks.

Wildland Engines carry from 300 to 1250 gallons of water and are capable of pumping up to 350 gallons per minute.

Portable tanks hold 2,500 gallons of water

What is ISO and how can it affect my Insurance?

The Insurance Services Office, or ISO, is a New Jersey based, private data collection and risk analysis corporation that collects data and then assigns a Public Protection Classification (PPC) from 1 to 10 to communities throughout the United States.  This data is sold to insurance companies to help determine fire insurance premiums.  The ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC) is a fire risk rating tool that was originally designed in the early 1900's and is well suited for large commercial buildings in an urban environment.  The ISO classification schedule is based on communications (911/dispatch) services (10%), water supply (40%), and the specific fire department resources (50%), and requirements of the sixth largest non-fire sprinklered building in the jurisdiction.

ISO’s PPC does not evaluate or credit the historical effectiveness of a community’s fire protection services.

ISO’s PPC does not evaluate or credit paramedic or medical services.

ISO’s PPC does not evaluate or credit rescue services.

ISO’s PPC does not evaluate or credit interface and wildfire resources.

ISO’s PPC is limited to 5 miles from a fire station.

The Insurance Services Office Public Protection Classification (ISO-PPC) for the Silverton Fire District, including the Silverton and Scotts Mills communities will change from a Class 4 to a Class 3 in those areas that are within 5 road miles of an SRFPD #2  station.

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