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 Public Records Request Form

It is the policy of the District to respond in an orderly, consistent, and reasonable manner in accordance with the Oregon Public Records Law to requests to inspect or receive copies of public records maintained by the District.  When a request is submitted in writing, the District will respond within five business days acknowledging the receipt of the request. The District will have an additional ten business days to fulfill the request or issue a written response estimating how long fulfillment will take. The District is not subject to the response timeframe if the District is awaiting a response from the requester seeking clarification of the inquiry or if the requester has not agreed to pay in advance for requested record(s). Additional time may be needed and will vary based on the size and complexity of the request, availability of staff time and resources, and whether legal counsel needs to be consulted prior to disclosing the requested record(s). To complete a public records request click below. 

Public Records Request Forms.pdf


If additional assistance is needed, please contact our office at (503) 873-5328. Public Records Requests should be emailed to

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